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As pilots, we never stop learning.
The Pilot's Lounge is a podcast aimed at bringing together aviators from around the world to share their experiences and to learn from one another.
Kick back with us as we pick the brains of an incredible array of guests. From World Record holders to line-company assault helicopter pilots, to intercontinental airline pilots, we aim to bring you knowledge and stories from every corner of the aviation community.


Freedom, flight, fitness and friendship.
At Brotallion we provide apparel designed for aviators, by aviators so that our collective passion of freedom, flight, fitness, and friendship amplify and radiate YOUR presence. Join our tribe and express that unmistakable weightless jolt in at work, in the gym, or on the couch. Never let your presence meet the ground. Earn your spot.
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Mission ready when you are.
Redcon 1 (R1) Solutions aims at providing the highest quality  products to the aviation community. We understand the aviation community is transitioning towards the digital era and seek to enable the aviator with a modular product that suites each pilots particular needs.
Keep an eye out for the Modular Mission Kneeboard (MMK 1.0) set to release December 2019.
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