Spencer Payne

Hailing from the great state of Tennessee, Spencer is a lifter of weights, driver of Blackhawks, and a closet nerd. He is a co-founder of Brotallion, LLC and runs the majority of its operations. You can follow him on Instagram at @smokey_payne.

Nick Yates

Nick is a Chief Warrant Officer 2  and Blackhawk Pilot from the Midwest. He is a lifter of weights, a connoisseur of the outdoors, and holds a M.S. in Aerospace Sustainability. Nick is the Producer of The Pilots Lounge
Podcast, Brotallion LLC and looks forward to helping others pursue their dreams of flight.

Kyle Kilroy

Kyle Kilroy is currently a Captain in the Army in South Korea and a Blackhawk Pilot by trade. Kyle is a Co-founder and the Workout Program Manager of Brotallion LLC. He is insanely passionate about all things related to flying, working out, and how to fix a receding hairline. Earn your spot! 

Brett Kroll

Founded in the metro Detroit area, Brett is UH-60 driver now working out of Bragg. Serving as Co-Founder of Brotallion, LLC he manages all things marketing.  As a passionate Husband and Father Brett works everyday to embody the mantra; Friendship, Freedom, Flight, and Fitness. Earn your spot